Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Arrival...

It is the morning of July 15, 2006. The Watkins’ are moving, today. Whatever household items could be sold were successfully dealt with at last weeks garage sale. With the exception of heirloom type items left in a storage unit in Largo, everything else was given away.
We did make the decision to ship some items via boat. These things were books, kitchen stuff, sewing or tools; not necessarily in that order. They should leave the Miami shore next Saturday and arrive in Guatemala in about two weeks.

God gets the credit for this amazing tour. With the His help and the financial and/or prayer support of numerous people, like yourselves, we are 100% of our needed pledged funding; which is remarkable since we began that process only this last March.

We are ecstatic to also announce that our son, Matt, has opted to come with us. He and Amber will both be doing international schooling via St. Pete College’s On-Line program. Matt is working on the program team for 3 weeks of Young Life camps in Georgia and will join us in August.

Your prayer support is always welcome. Look to hear from us as soon as we can get setup with a solid foothold in our new home and community. As a reminder, should you wish to call us, our phone number, 727-216-9697, will ring in Antigua. It may take about a week or two to get the internet connected at our home. We also use a free web product called SKYPE. If you can, look into it and give us a call. Our SKYPE address is “caminoswatkins”.

We arrived safely in Antigua! And as an extra bonus we have our entire luggage that we left with from Tampa. We were met at the airport by Levi, Jackie, & Lydia while the Valdes Family decorated the house for a great welcome. More details will be forth coming. God is so Good!

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