Saturday, September 30, 2006

Calvary Baptist, Winter Haven, Florida...

During the week of September 23 - 30, Iglesia del Camino hosted a team from Calvary Baptist in Winter Haven, Florida.

This team of 6 people were each strategic individuals coming to evaluate just what might happen in the future. They anticipate as many as two trips a year, starting with one trip this coming year. Their focus was to experience as much we (IDC) could offer in the category of a mission experience. They worked in construction, toured Hermano Pedro hospital, worked the street evangelism, helped sift gravel and sand for water filters and bolstered a Childen's Ministry in San Luis.

A landmark experience of experiences for this team was with the Childen's Ministry in San Luis. Before this team arrived, the ministry had an outreach of as many as 30 children three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. God blessed this event. Of the two days we were able to help, there were 225 children day one, then 275 children day two. These numbers have seen a degree of drop off but it is holding at 80-90 children in regular attendance. While these numbers are very much the blessing, the thing that did not exist before the events are now the direct involvement of several moms assisting. God is good.

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