Sunday, October 29, 2006

Matt's photo display...

We have been blessed to have an apple that didn't fall far from the tree. His name is Matt. As many of you know he is an excellent photographer. With the depth of imagery that is readily available for camera fodder, it hasn't taken him long to develop quite the gallery of images.

October 26-28th Matt had his first gallery display. A local coffee finca, la Azotea, hosted this event in their cafe. While no pictures were sold, as result of meeting him during the event there is now a gentleman regular visisting the Caminos Café with children involved with our Friday children's club .

Sunday, October 1, 2006

What a ride...

For the previous 10 years I have been driving a Ford F150 pickup truck. This year it was a choice of whether to say goodbye to an old friend or bring the machine to Guatemala. All things considered, the cost of shipping and import duties were more than the NADA value for the truck. The truck did not make the journey.

The transportation needs in Guatemala still required a vehicle. After much searching to find the right vehicle it became evident that the most versatile would be a motorcycle. This type of vehicle simplifies getting around in Antigua.

The biggest challenge was to find a machine large enough that I wouldn't ride top heavy. It actually happened. I was able to find a Yamaha "knockoff"called the Yumbo. It is yellow with black trim. My daughter says it looks like a giant bumble bee. This ride is a street legal dirt bike big enough to move me around. It really is fun... I mean a blessing to use for work purposes... mostly.

I had just picked it up when the team from Winter Haven, Florida arrived. Pastor Tim Williams was brave enough to take a ride with me. Never let it be said that Guatamala does not have its bonuses.