Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blessings of a family...

On November 19th of this year, our oldest son Matt, celebrated his 21st birthday. This in itself is a new experience in that our oldest is now a legal adult. Be that as it may, the events of his b-day were non-inclusive of the "celebration". Tonight, we had the celebration.

30 or so people from the church and beyond, that had been invited by word of mouth or email, came to the house. And what a party it was. Matt "took out" the Chicken Little Piñata in two swings. No one else had a chance to take a whack at the wire and paper mache artwork (these really are an art form). On the second smack the candy went flying. All throughout the garden area. That is definitely going to help with the ants. :) Chicken Little very quickly looked like a bad result from the processing plant.

I have to tell you Guatemalans know how to party. New friends and church family help to pass Matt to his next stage of his life. In the middle of this, Nancy and I were on the upper terrace admiring the view of the mountains and moonlight, and looking down into the house and yard and saw a house full laughter and joy and the music of life. God gave us the family gathering that we hope we would have had while in the states.

It is interesting that just this morning I was wondering if we were really connecting with folks in the church. The simple blessings like this make life so rich and full. The blessings of a family in Guatemala.

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