Sunday, November 12, 2006

It was just to meet the Director of the Precinct...

This past week my Pastor and boss, Bill Losasso from our Clearwater Campus, and a good friend of Pathways, Gio, from the National Baseball Leagues Chaplancy program, came to Antigua. We wanted to explore what possibilities existed for the Iglesia del Camino (IDC) and/or Pathways (PCC) as a whole assist the National Police of Guatemala in their Chaplaincy program. We met with the Secretary of the Office of Service and Valor, Norma Hasburn, and two of her assistants. This meeting went well with ideas begin discussed of methods used by the baseball league and such that could assist the Guatemalan Chaplains.

During this time we also discussed what would be required IDC to begin working with the local police officers in Antigua. A very clear path was laid out. A process that required about a month or so of paperwork and then we could get active.

Immediately after this meeting we were introduced to representatives from the International Chaplains ministry. They were telling of how they had just left one of the local precincts that was fervently praying that God would provide a pastor to come and minister to them. In passing I mentioned my interest for working with the police officers. They quickly recommended go over to meet the Director of the Precinct so that when the paper work was finished we would be that much closer.

All parties concerned arrive at the Precinct for the Tourist Police of Guatemala in Antigua. This is an elite unit whose sole purpose is to serve and protect areas of the city and functions with tourists. Very soon after our arrival I am being introduced to the individuals in leadership. A few individuals were making presentations and I was hearing all of this through Gio as my translator. Then all of the sudden Gio stops translating and looks to me and says, "Your life is about to change." He then explained that in the middle of these introductions Norma Hasburn announces that this precinct is now under the spiritual authority of Iglesia del Camino and her Pastor Mike Watkins.

Then a prayer time began in the middle of the meeting, outside in front of the precinct, with officers kneeling before God. This is one of the many images that have been etched in my mind. God is doing amazing things. How lucky I am to be His witness. If the Lord allows this will be the location for a Saturday morning children's (7-12) fútball (soccer) league.

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