Monday, December 25, 2006

The homechurch came home...

We have had a great week. A team from Pathways Clearwater came home, if only for a short time. The activities were focused on working with children and related opportunities.

They spent time with a local hospital, Hermano Pedro, in the children's area. The children that stay here have ailments ranging from cerebral palsy, various mental disorders, and other physical ailments. The team helped where possible but most importantly showed love just spending time with the kids. And for all of their infirmities, they recognized team members upon their returns to the hospital.

Through the coordination of Heather our children's director for the church, the team participated in assisting a children's ministry from a neighboring town, San Luis Nuevo Pueblo. A couple we love to support Marco Tulio and Ledy Hernandoz run a children's ministry to this community. The team assited in a VBSish program, singing, puppets, a gospel message, food, etc. As a gift Marco Tulio made wooden logo plaques for Pathways and Iglesia del Camino with the help of his carpenters in training. Seen here are his wife, Ledy, and his young padowans.

Other activities included:
Preparing materials for and divering a water filter. Completing the most recent project house that we have been working on. A Christmas Party for children born so poor they have no identities, they don't exist in the eyes of the government because there parents can't afford birth certificate. A visit to local Myan ruins and discovered that live animal sacrifices still happen.

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