Tuesday, December 5, 2006

la Policia came por la noche...

God once again made something happen that does nothing but restore my sense of awe in what He can do. Every fiber of my body tells me that these things just don't happen.

The Bible Studies that I have had the blessing of doing with the Tourist Police is actually in a rotational schedule, every Monday and Friday. I am with one team of officers then a shift change takes place and then with another group the following week.

During the month of December, the shift rotation is five days on and 24hrs off. Both shifts are in town on Monday. The meeting space we have at the Tourist Police Precinct is very small with a maiximum of 12 people that fits comfortably. Depending the shift, we have as many as 17-20 people meeting in this space. To have both shifts in one night meant we would need another alternative, "pronto". And what an alternative it was.

Last night 30 men and women from the Police came to Iglesia del Camino for nothing less than a church service. When I realized that they were coming, I let the church team know; the worship team came and played the Sunday Morning Line-up; the Prayer Ministry that had been praying for the needs of these individuals stayed a little later; Nancy, Amber and Heather rocked the coffee and deserts; several others who had heard they were coming joined the party and welcomed the men and women dressed in black uniforms. The sanctuary was nearly as full during any of our services as I have ever seen.

We had church. The house was rockin'! These men and women can sing. Katie led a mostly Spanish worship set and then we closed with 2 songs that they had been learning, Breathe and Magnificent God in English. By the time I got up to share the word, the message had already been communicated, they were in a church that welcomed them and loved them.

Check back on about a week or so. As soon as I can get the video and audio links you will be able to hear and see that God is doing amazing things here in Antigua.

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