Monday, December 25, 2006

'Twas the Night before Christmas...

For Christmas Eve this year we spent the evening with the church family. Our services began at 6:30 and was the night for many firsts. It wasn't so much firsts for the church as it was for me and the team.

The music was Katie and myself on acoustic guitars. After the worship the Jovenes performed a mime presentation of the the Christmas story and a practical life application of just what Christ does for us in our lives. This was written by Keren who is the Manager of our cafe. This presentation was followed by Communion and a Candlelight Service. Our sole focus was that God be honored and glorified with the 80 or people in attendance.
We went to bed around 10pm as we were very tired. We heard that there was a fireworks presentation that happened around 12am. It seemed reasonable that this would happen with or without us. We discovered that this thought was accurate with the exception that it included us whether we wanted it too or not. Since we could not sleep we went outside to watch the show; the 30 minute show. Much of which sounded as though it were launching from outside our bedroom window.

This is quite the memory maker.

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