Sunday, December 3, 2006

Visions can come true...

On my first visit to Antigua, in December of 2004, the team and I were taken to a small village outside of Pastores, by the name of el Tizate. On this tour we really saw Guatemala. This was a city of dirt roads, pathways that were very dangerous to walk and life situations that were very dificult to observe; all the while knowing I would be returning to my home comforts back in Florida. This past week I had an opportunity visit this same community.

One specific aspect that we saw was undeveloped house on the side of the mountain that was planned to use to start a Christian school for the community. This place was a rat hole at best. Of all the possible projects we saw during that visit, this seemed nearly inconceivable that it would or could happen. Several team members, were thinking "Yea, right. Good luck with that...", myself included.

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - Matthew 19:26 . This is one of the many scriptures that smacks you between the eyes in light of my lack of faith.

A local Guatamalean missionary by the name of Marcos Estrada was the tour guide for the team two years ago. He was my tour guide again. His motto is that his ministry is transforming Guatemala on community at a time. He is helping to do just that.

These images demonstrate that visions can come true. The school is beautiful. They have completed one year of education at the kindergarten level and will grow one class each year. The facilities now include not only the main building and patio but a back building for classrooms, satellite DSL, a great room, and housing for staff. A group from Canada locked on to this vision and made it theirs. God has used them in a most amazing way.

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