Saturday, January 27, 2007

Clearing Space...

Last December, IDC was approached by two woman, Rita Maria and Leticia, from the pueblo of San Lorenzo el Tejar. Their vision was to save the next generation of street kids in their community. There are children that are born into poverty and do not exist in the "system of government". By the time they reach 10-12 years old, they have had no education, are typically involved in a variety of vices such as sex, drugs, and alchohol. Their hope is to provide an education to these children.

They have aquired space in the local public school as their classroom. As well, my friend the Mayor of Pastores has given them access to some of his property, now they can grow crops. The Clearwater team helped to provide seed money. Their plan is to not only provide food for the families, but hopefully sell some of these crops and generate income to perpetuate the needs of the school.

Yesterday, Nancy, Amber and I were witness to the clearing of the land. This first step in preparing the farm was coordinated by Rita Maria (who is approximately 8 months pregnant) and Leticia and facilitated by most of the moms and a few of the children. The initial reward for these families is some firewood. Watching the diligence of these women and children is an inspiration to what can be done if you want it bad enough

This farm is not readily accessable to the beaten path and traversing the path requires strategic planning at best. When we arrived we found the wooded area almost cleared with the exception of remaining debree in the field. Woman, children, woman with babies strapped to their backs, whacking and hacking the trees and branches; it is very impressive to witness this less than OSHA approved methodology.

The seed planted in providing a little bit of resource to this community has the potential for generational change in the lives of this next generation. We will be tracking this outreach project. By God's grace we have been put into a unique position to offer a hand of help. Time will tell when we can touch the hearts for Christ.

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