Friday, January 5, 2007

Feliz Año Nuevo...

We, as the body of believers Iglesia del Camino, are in an exciting time. For the last two years, what has been known as Caminos, that which was began by my predecessor and his wife, Eddie and Cary Valdes. It has been operating primarily as a place of English education and a Bible study. In December of 2005, the first official church service was held and in the past two years has grown to include not only the English classes but also two worship services, one Spanish and one English.

One of my purposes for coming to Pastor the church is to move it to the long term goals. Establishing it as a self sustaining church operation, the third campus of Pathways Community Church in Clearwater, FL. For the past two weeks we have been in meetings as a group of believers working through the process of establishing the by-laws for incorporation in Guatemala.

These meetings have gone well. There has been a great deal of discussion ranging from the reasons for membership, and the future direction of the church. There is much work to do and your prayers are needed as we move into this New Year with the new direction.

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