Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years Eve is a Blast!

The News Years celebration for the Panchoy Valley is quite the big bang. For the past month the Mercado has been expanded to accomodate the influx of additional vendors selling nothing but fireworks. I don't believe the Firemarshal or OSHA rules apply here. It is safe to figure that you don't want to have a spark near this place. I think the blast zone would be significant.

For about a month prior to the holiday celebrations of Christmas and New Years, there are an abnormal amount of private fireworks displays in the valley. These range from kids running with and/or running from splarklers to 6 and 8 inch mortars that explode in dazzling display.

At 12am, the start of the New Year, a fireworks display ignites into a 20-30 minute celebration. The presentation covers the valley, a simultaneous orchestration of brilliant lights stretching as far as the eyes can see.

As a church we had an informal get together for whomever chose to come and watch "A Wonderful Life" in Spanish Audio with subtitles. We had a group of approximately 25 that came to see the New Year arrive. A good time was had by all.

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