Sunday, February 18, 2007

Workday en la Iglesia...

This past Saturday God once again demonstrated that He is doing amazing things here at IDC. We have been in a state of remodeling for several months. For reasons of timing and resource this has been a long process. While we are not finished, we crossed a major hurdle this weekend. This was incredible. The most ground that was covered, aside from the work that was accomplished, is the people involved in the project. 25 or so individuals came and offered assistance from varying degrees. For the most part, the building got a face lift from all new colors on the front to paint touch ups in the cafe. The next layer of new electrical work on the second floor was finished as well as some ceiling fans and emergency lighting. A new storage room was created and much of the construction material and stuff being reorganized now has a home. The building is still in process, but has been tightened up so to speak for the current ministry operations and future ministry operations.

God gets the glory on this one. The church family is growing closer. Volunteers both English and Latin came together with common purpose. What a party it was. If a picture paints a thousand words then here is the rest of my essay...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Seeds are in the ground...

In recent blogs, we have been able to show you a project that is nothing short of amazing. Through our connection with Mayor Lopez of Pastores, we have been able to assist with resourcing to a school for street kids. They have families, but they are the youngest children of poor families and as such have very little hope of an education let alone an optomistic future.

With the help of a short term missions team from Pathways Clearwater last December, seeds were purchased to be used for growing food for the families and other marketable products such as flowers, etc.

The land provided by Mayor Lopez, is difficult at best. The moms of these school children however, have made it work. They are taking a difficult situation and turning it into something remarkable. With young children in tow they have cleared the land, formed the planting rows, and have now planted the seeds that were purchased. To witness this process has been one of my most inspiring experiences to witness.

From the time of this posting, it is anticipated that the irrigation system will be installed this next week.

It should also be noted that God has demonstrated His involvement with this project. Last month, in a "happen chance" meeting in Dominos Pizza while I was waiting for my cheesy sticks, a family from the Portland, Oregon area had come to Antigua to visit a family member that lives in Central America. Antigua seemed like a good spot to connect. This is a Christian family whose 14 year old son had a compulsion to raise money for and purchase school supplies. They arrived and had no idea of where to leave these materials. Coincidence, I think not. God gave me the boldness to be friendly while we were waiting for our respective orders. These supplies will cover the students for the better part of the school year.

This is type of project that I approach with the "Star Fish" principle. At present this is only effecting 30-40 children in the school. But I have to wonder what is the potential results when these children have grown and know that at one point in time somebody they will never know cared to invest into their future. We can't save all of the "star fish" but I believe that some of these are getting their second chance for a future with hope.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Project Completion...

It has been said that we should take the time to celebrate the small landmarks of success. While this celebration is late, it still has its significance.
We took on a project this last year helping the city of Pastores rebuild homes that had been lost in Tropical Storm Stan during the fall of 2005. Monies had been raised, and to date 5 homes were built from these funds.

One home in particular was a joint project. Teams from Tennessee, Florida and Guatemala all contributed to the completion and success of this home. This was the timeline.

  • June - 25 Youth from Pathways Clearwater moved sand and did the initial preparation for the foundation.

  • July - Members from YWAM (Youth with A Mission), and Caminos poured 50% of the foundation.

  • August - 15 Members from Pathways Sevierville, TN finished the foundation and erected 4 walls.

  • September - Two Teams attacked this project. Team one was members of a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) program that finished the center wall. Team two came from Winter Haven, FL and completed 95% of the Lamina roofing. We had a small miscalculation for the amount of materials needed.

  • October - 20 people from Iglesia Del Camino, Antigua moved sand and completed 90% of the floor.

  • November - 15 YWAM team members assisted in the completion of the floor.

  • December - 10 Adults from Pathways Clearwater completed the home with electricity, doors, windows, and a new sand water filter.

The family living here is Grandma, Dad, and two sons. This simple block home is an improvement in their living conditions by any standard. It is remarkable what can be accomplished with a little bit of team work.