Friday, February 2, 2007

Project Completion...

It has been said that we should take the time to celebrate the small landmarks of success. While this celebration is late, it still has its significance.
We took on a project this last year helping the city of Pastores rebuild homes that had been lost in Tropical Storm Stan during the fall of 2005. Monies had been raised, and to date 5 homes were built from these funds.

One home in particular was a joint project. Teams from Tennessee, Florida and Guatemala all contributed to the completion and success of this home. This was the timeline.

  • June - 25 Youth from Pathways Clearwater moved sand and did the initial preparation for the foundation.

  • July - Members from YWAM (Youth with A Mission), and Caminos poured 50% of the foundation.

  • August - 15 Members from Pathways Sevierville, TN finished the foundation and erected 4 walls.

  • September - Two Teams attacked this project. Team one was members of a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) program that finished the center wall. Team two came from Winter Haven, FL and completed 95% of the Lamina roofing. We had a small miscalculation for the amount of materials needed.

  • October - 20 people from Iglesia Del Camino, Antigua moved sand and completed 90% of the floor.

  • November - 15 YWAM team members assisted in the completion of the floor.

  • December - 10 Adults from Pathways Clearwater completed the home with electricity, doors, windows, and a new sand water filter.

The family living here is Grandma, Dad, and two sons. This simple block home is an improvement in their living conditions by any standard. It is remarkable what can be accomplished with a little bit of team work.

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