Sunday, March 11, 2007

G-9 latest team arrival...

This last week was very busy touring the latest team from Pathways Community - Clearwater through the highs and lows of the area. This team came for the purpose of scouting activities to enhance the ministry outreach opportunities of Iglesia del Camino.

This team included folks from not only Clearwater but other areas of Florida and the Carolinas. The special interest included a Fish Farming Specialist, Physical Therapy and Nursing specialists, financial investors, business counselors, and a medical chaplain. This team was shown everything that IDC has touched in the past two years, or at least as much as could be shown in two days.

And something new for us was the inclusion of families. There were several of the consultants that brought family. For them the trip extended by a couple of days. During this time, we were able to build two houses for families in Parramos which is 10 kilometers north of Antigua.

This was a week packed with a great deal of information and potential local benefit outreach. Time will show the evidence of what God has planned. I look forward to blogging the details as God lets all of us in on His details.

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