Thursday, March 29, 2007

GMO Kids...

So we are waiting for the G-9 Mission Team from Pathways Clearwater to arrive. Nancy and Amber were in the every increasingly crowded waiting area when they found themsleves standing next to an obvious American. As is typical, when you see vans, Americans, and have time on your hands, generally conversations ensue. Most often they begin with comments such as, "Your not from around here are you?". Well as it turns out, the gentleman they were talking with is originally from Indian Rocks Beach, FL. His sending church is Harvest Temple Church in Largo. Being from Pinellas County light bulbs ignited as they know where everything is.

The mans name is Bernard Cohen. He and his wife Trish have been developing an educations and feeding program in a small community, Pannemaquin, about 20 kilometers away, up in the mountains outside of Antigua. The organization is GMO.

A couple of weeks ago Nancy and I had a chance to make the drive up to the school and take a tour. The facilities are very impressive. While we arrived while they were our of session, it did not diminish the allure this school has. It is perch on a the side of a mountain with an amazing view. It classrooms for grades Kindergarten to High School. They also have weekly chapel services.

I am not sure why I thought any different but I was amazed at the child sized pila (washing station). It makes sense since the school has a large number of small children.

The ministry is simple. 14 years ago they came into this small community of about 700 people and establish a school outreach program that feeds the students and families involved. It is very impressive. They have a full staff of local folks that have been trained to run the ministry with anywhere from 50-100 students in the program. This is a ministry that has made and is making an impact.

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