Thursday, March 29, 2007

Iximche Tecpan...

Approximatley 1hr north of Antigua, is an ancient ruin. It is called Iximche. The layout is very elaborate. When you see the architects re-creation in the museum portion, it puts the magnitude into perspective. A massive layout cover nearly 10 acres of a beautiful mountain top.

It is my understanding that these ruins are the post-modern ruins of what the Mayan Civilization would have become had they not disappeared. As you go through this area there are plaquards that describe the different floor plans and what they would have been used for. Admitedly my Spanish is weak but the indication was that there were 4-5 plazas. With buildings surrounding each. These building included temples, adminstration offices, and domestic quarters. In the center of each plaza was an alter. It was a place of worship.

In fact it still is. In the back end of the complex there is a space the animal sacrifices still take place. Unfortunately it is to one of their gods. Not to the same God that I serve.

Religous differences aside it is an interesting glimpse of building techniques from ancient civiliations that used to be. I wonder what they will find from our generation should the Lord take another 5-10 thousand years to come and get us.

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