Friday, March 2, 2007

There is an innocence...

Antigua and the surrounding area is a region of extremes; from 5 star Hotels to abject poverty. This country has beauty in many ways amidst the most depressing of situations. While we can see incredible views of the mountains, the most captivating images are the people we get to work with.

In human terms, children are the future. The investment in these young minds will impact generations to come. Of the most captivating images that we see, it is the eyes of the children. In most cases, the situation that they are in is a situation that I never experienced in my childhood. All of my experiences of a loving home, secure surroundings, a christian education both at school and in the realization of a christian family in the home, running water, clean floors, etc, are foreign concepts in differing degrees to many of the young people in this country.
But this is the constant. No matter the level of poverty, the children have an innocence that is seen in the eyes.

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