Thursday, March 1, 2007

A visit from Jose Daniel...

During this past calendar year of 2006, the church here in Antigua had been looking for the arrival of a second Pastor. His name is Jose Daniel. Through a series of delays it has become evident that his coming to join the staff of IDC was not meant to be... at least not right now.

He and his wife Joanna are from Cuba. Over the last several years they have working for their residency in GUA. This is now in their hand. As well they have been able to obtain a VISA for their daughter. Many doors are opening up for them.

They have been making regular visits to Guatemala and other Central American countries for several years doing evangelistic concerts. During previous visits they connected with Eddie and Cary while on their musical tours. And this year 2007 was no exception to their visits. While they were here they were able to come by on a Sunday and minister to the IDC congregation. As well spend some time with the staff.

All in all it was a great Sunday. He has a terrific ministry. While we don't know if he will be with us in a full time capacity, we do know that God is using him.

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