Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bearing Fruit...

Last December, the team from PCC Clearwater gave a gift to the community of San Lorenzo el Tejar. There is a small school that was focusing on children that were "lost in the system." They provided seed money to be used for crops to help feed the families in the school.

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Several weeks back we had heard that all the crops had died due to a lack of water. Some what discouraged, I had been trying to get out there to check it out. But much to my surprise, three ladies from the community arrived at the church carrying fresh produce. Apparently there had been difficulty with the water resource but it was far from a total loss. My hand is 8 3/4" long. Take a look at the size of these peppers!

The families all recieved a portion of the bounty. They generously shared with us. The Bible says that we are to "bear much fruit". Great job PCC! You are gettin' it done!

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