Sunday, May 6, 2007

Change and Growth...

Life for Iglesia del Camino (IDC) is moving along very well. We are seeing more changes. This past week we made several upgrades in the sanctuary (paint, ceiling fans, rearrangement, etc.) in preparation for today. We have merged our two Sunday services together with the intention of being a single body of believers in a multi-cultural environment. This was a great time of the whole church together. We have figured out how to place 88 chairs in the main room. Should we have to move to a second service in the future they will be identical, completely bilingual.

We have also seen our Wednesday Night - Pot Luck Dinner/Bible Study grow and bloom. With the recent enhancements to the church resources such as the van, more people are able to attend. Simply put, we are not easily accessible after 8 or 8:30pm, because the buses stop about that time. The "Van Ministry" gets them home. It has been proven that peoples attendance is not a matter of interest as much as a matter of resource and ability to get home safely.

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