Saturday, June 30, 2007

Phase 1 - NPC Education Center

This is phase one of the new NPC - Tourist Police Education center. This work has been completed as one of the projects for the group from Valley Grove Baptist Church, Tennesee. We will keep you updated for the completion.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Llámalo Negro...

This particular animal while he loves living on the property for the tourist police, he does not like me. This particular dog can be quite calm and relaxed until I come onto the property. His name is Negro and is a pet of the police.

He is harmless. As I turn to face him he runs away. Just letting you know.

They came for dinner...

This month we have had a huge breakthrough in the ministry with the tourist police. Once again God shows himself in a manner that is over the top.

The origin of this ministry start began last November. (
See the blog)

There was a great deal of mistrust as I am the gringo that was handed to them. Since the beginning we have stayed true to the guidelines set before us from the Ministry of Valor and Service providing counsel and teaching values from the Bible on how to be a better officer.

This past month we began what we hope to be a quarterly event. In two seperate events we had the entire squad at our home for a night of worship music and dinner. Final comments from one of the Chiefs was in the effect of "Thank you for trusting us in your home."

Friday, June 15, 2007

Valley Grove Baptist - Visit

We are blessed to have a new church come to visit us for the first time. This church has a very active missions program. This past year they found themselves looking for a Central American missions opportunity.
They came and got after it. Completing 4 homes, enclosing the second floor of the School for Brazos de Jesus, and finishing the first phase of the Education Center for the Tourist Police where we hold our bible studies.

This group of 17 made an impact. We look forward to their return.

Would it be possible if...

In September of 2005, 10 men came to Antigua from PCC Clearwater with the express purpose of installing a computer lab that had been given to the City of Pastores by St. Petersburg College in Florida. Through a series of events in God's plan, the lab was not able to be completed until March of 2006. In December of 2006, 40 graduates had finish the basic computer classes offered by the City of Pastores. For more details go to "The Seed has Taken Root".

With all of the changes in the city since Hurricane Stan, an opportunity to relocate the lab to a better, more secure facility opened up. Mayor Lopez asked me to act as a consultant on the project. The team he had in place to for this project was very good. Using the methodology from the first lab location, his team replicated and improved on the infrastructure.

This is now located in the new Technology Center of Pastores. With two distinctive rooms one for the classroom the other for general public use. The level of completion for this idea is very exciting. Especially when it began as a simple question of "Would it be possible if...?"

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Calvary Baptist G2 - Visit

This month we are fortunate to have a visit from Calvary Baptist of Winterhaven, Florida. Seen here with the members of our staff this group accomplished a great deal. Their projects included Children VBS programs, Clothes distribution, and home building. This team of 14 made a difference. We are proud to include them in our work to impact lives that we do not know.