Monday, July 23, 2007

My Friend John...

His name is John Nichols. John is one if these guys that is everywhere, talks with everyone, but yet blends into the woodwork. At no time have I ever seen him looking for the spotlight. His contentment was in his God.

During this past year we had become friends. For me he was a trusted prayer partner and confidant. For the church he was a one man marketing strategy, inviting any and all that would run across his path.

He had been experiencing mild heart problems and had planned to get tested on Sunday. Friday night he died. The Memorial Service is this week - Thursday Night @ 7pm @ Iglesia Del Camino, La Antigua.
I rest in the fact that he knew his God. Our loss is his gain.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

PCC-G11 OnGoal

Pathways Community Church - Youth ministries in Largo/Clearwater, has long had a relationship with the OnGoal, soccer outreach ministry. For some time we have long had a goal for bringing such an outreach here to Guatemala. This month was the time.

We were able to partner with a local group that is starting a soccer program. There were several highlights for this week from housing to assistance with the school facilities @ the Arms of Jesus school. As well, with an overlap of 3 days, PCC was joined by a team from North Metro Church in Atlanta. This gave a small army of about 40 people to facilitate the final day of an amazing week.

In total there were about 100-120 children that participated in this event. They heard the gospel message and played soccer with the Americans.

The long term effects of this event is that people involved with the IDC will be able to follow up with weekly soccer sessions and sharing the gospel message with the children.

This event was and is and absolute blessing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Roberts UMC - Visit

Roberts United Methodist from Tennessee. This team came this week to give assistance with several of the ministries that the IDC has been involved with. Their team projects included water filtration, lite-construction, and house building. Among their efforts was the completion of the new Center of Education for the Tourist Police.

Thank you team.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bill Tours Continued

This month we had the privilidge of hosting the second of the Bill Tours for this year. These three days in Guatemala were a time of focus on the ministry potential for IDC (Iglesia Del Camino). Seen here is the team on a hike to look at the potential fish farm location in Pastores. Included in this photo are members of the Pathways Church counsel, and church members along with the Mayor of Pastores and also members of his staff.

Sunday, July 8, 2007