Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Update...

You may or may not have heard but last week August 23rd, while Amber was in the states for a routine check-up, she had a very serious insulin reaction. While these have been increasing (this was number 4 in the past 6 weeks) she was scheduled to see the doctor that morning. The plan was to address the increasing low point of her sugar level. This round was serious enough for Nancy to make an emergency trip that same day to assist with numerous details of Amber's health matters.

This post is a week after the numerous events "roller coaster rides" of emotions. At this point in time, Amber is doing much better. She was scheduled to receive a new pump and tester. As such these have been implemented. However, in light of her recent emergency, she will be remaining in the states for an additional 10 days or so to assure stability of her medical status.

This also means that Nancy will be in the states as well. Continued prayer during this time of separation is appreciated. Thank you to those in place to assist with housing and vehicles during their stay.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cultural Adaptation...

This month I was able to visit one of my officers in the tourist police - His name is Carlos Piñeda. He lives in Chiquimulia. A small town of 12,700 or so on the road to El Salvador.

His wife Maria and son David were very welcoming. They gave me the tour of town . Including showing me the calf being raised by their cousins in one of the nicer homes that I saw in the area. While my Spanish is far from perfected I have made progress this last year in Guatemala. But the dialects and word usage from one area to the next can be very different. Carlos was kind enough to translate my Spanish (such as it was) to the local dialect.

We took an extended tour of the area surrounding his city at the base of Volcano Ipala. This one is dormant. We went in the Trooper to an old finca from that has long since become as dormant as the volcano. The roads (or the lack of roads) gave us a run for our money. But the allure of why some one would choose to live on this mountain was very much alive. It was stunning.
The travel had no major snags. I was trying figure out the wierd rain patterns and then realized I was driving through the outer rain bands of Hurricane Dean.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pathways Seveirville - Visit

As a team they helped to complete four houses, two stoves (new home addition projects), gave assistance to a student in our english classes with lighting in her bedroom via a glass block wall, help with continuing detail construction for a special needs school in Santa Maria de Jesus, worked a children's outreach in Santa Maria de Jesus and of course took a gratuitus moto tour of the valley.

One element of uniqueness was that the woman had an opportunity to spend the majority of a day with families connected with the stove project. They were able to experience the crafting of various clothing and home decorations. As well the ladies came to the house the final night and we had a small mercado event in the breezway/dining room.

The impact of help for IDC was significant. More people in the valley saw first hand the love of God demonstrated.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It was a hot one...

This is one of the cooler things that happen here. You truly understand the strength of God. I must admit a certain perspective of knowing what the children of Israel felt like at the base of Mt. Sinai.

It is called Volcán Fuego. The still photo was taken with simple camera from the roof top of the IDC, Iglesia Del Camino. According to Google Earth we are 18.5 Kilometers or 11.5 Miles from the top of the volcano.

Friday, August 3, 2007

North Metro Youth - Visit

They are from Marrieta, Georgia. North Metro Church sent a crew of 15 down to be a part of the ministries here. And did they...

They arrived a day sooner than our normal teams and in doing so they gave incredible assistance to the PCC G12 OnGoal Soccer event. They helped us to establish a new ministry link to a small village in the mountains northwest of Antigua called Panimaquin working with a ministry called GMO, a school and church that ministers to the community.

The team from North Metro held two days of Children Ministry and Service Projects. Following their return to Antigua they help to complete two homes and assist with water filtration.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's about the kids!

In recent weeks we were presented with the opportunity to aid a school in Pastores. Long story short, they needed chairs. A school of about 75 children only had chairs designed for larger people.

God has been blessing our cashflow @ IDC and we needed to tithe. The Mayor asked if we were in a position to give assistance. Resource and opportunity met. On August 2nd we were invited to attend a presentation to the school and parents. It was a good day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Education Center...

In the ministry to the Tourist Police we have been working on a better facility to assist with the training and coordination of the men. We had two teams from Tennessee that worked on the project as a part of their weeks with us.

This Thursday with the help of the worship team from Valor and Service, we had a dedication service of the New Education Center. It was an hour of worship and praise and honor given to God. As a bonus the team from the Valor and Service threw an unexpected birthday surprise party for those with Birthdays in August.

... Over the Top.

It is possible...

In March of 2006, I was priviledged to attend a series of meetings that included Dr. Carl Kuttler, the US Ambassador to Guatemala, and several other officials involved with law enorcement from the country of Guatemala.

It was in these meeting that Carl Kuttler, the President of St. Petersburg College, indicated his interest in providing PC's to the National Civilian Police to assist with their up and coming network between stations nation wide. It was the revelation of the completion of the computer lab in Pastores that escalated these conversations. There was proof that computers from St. Petersburg College are real.

This week we see the conclusion to this project with a very official meeting. During a highly visible press conference, Carl Kuttler officially gave 1,000 computers and additional networking material to the National Civilian Police. President Berger of Guatemala, officially received them.

Those present were Bill Losasso, his daughter Sarah, The Mayor of Pastores - Miguel Lopez, The US Ambassador to GUA - James Derham, 25 Station Chiefs from all 25 departments in GUA, The Director General of the National Civilian Police, His Boss - The Minister of Justice and myself.

This was yet another amazing day that God was generous enough to include me in.