Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Update...

You may or may not have heard but last week August 23rd, while Amber was in the states for a routine check-up, she had a very serious insulin reaction. While these have been increasing (this was number 4 in the past 6 weeks) she was scheduled to see the doctor that morning. The plan was to address the increasing low point of her sugar level. This round was serious enough for Nancy to make an emergency trip that same day to assist with numerous details of Amber's health matters.

This post is a week after the numerous events "roller coaster rides" of emotions. At this point in time, Amber is doing much better. She was scheduled to receive a new pump and tester. As such these have been implemented. However, in light of her recent emergency, she will be remaining in the states for an additional 10 days or so to assure stability of her medical status.

This also means that Nancy will be in the states as well. Continued prayer during this time of separation is appreciated. Thank you to those in place to assist with housing and vehicles during their stay.

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