Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pathways Seveirville - Visit

As a team they helped to complete four houses, two stoves (new home addition projects), gave assistance to a student in our english classes with lighting in her bedroom via a glass block wall, help with continuing detail construction for a special needs school in Santa Maria de Jesus, worked a children's outreach in Santa Maria de Jesus and of course took a gratuitus moto tour of the valley.

One element of uniqueness was that the woman had an opportunity to spend the majority of a day with families connected with the stove project. They were able to experience the crafting of various clothing and home decorations. As well the ladies came to the house the final night and we had a small mercado event in the breezway/dining room.

The impact of help for IDC was significant. More people in the valley saw first hand the love of God demonstrated.

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