Saturday, September 29, 2007

Calvary Baptist - G3 Visit

Completing the second trip for this calendar year is Calvary Baptist of Winterhaven. This team of 9 once again took part in a variety of events: Working with Hermano Pedro, Water Filtration with Servants 4 Him, Building Homes with Arms of Jesus, helping with a clothes distribution in San Lorenzo el Tejar and a children's ministries and Santa Maria de Jesus.

There were several highlights for the team including an exciting ride to the edge of the road, a devastated piñata, a birthday party, lots of children and the list goes on.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pathways Largo - Team Visit

As always it is a joy to host another team from our home church in Largo, FL - Pathways Community. This teams focus to to bring an extreme home makeover to our friends Marco Tulio and Ledy Hernandez that run a fantastic ministry for children and their families in San Luis Pueblo Nuevo, Pastores.

We have been working with them in ministry support for the past year. They have three children, a couple of cats and a dog.

This was no easy week. They had to remove and replace the existing roof as well as patch holes reminiscent of gun fire richochet, replace the entire electrical system and of course repaint the place. With the help of an additional three, Amber, Heather Hammond and Chad Carlson, all of this and more was accomplished.

Another incredible week with an incredible team. Yea God!