Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mark & Dayle's Party...

The family of Iglesia Del Camino is a unique grouping of individuals. Depending when you attend the church you will find Guatemalans and Foreigners. Two of our volunteers, Mark and Dayle Annond, this month had a "Harvest Festival" Celebration. It was a great time for families to gather with children and celebrate life.

As well it was a time for us to attempt to mimic others with goofy costumes. I was with my friend Giovanne. We were "Twins". As he is the reigning "Mr. Antigua" and the "Second Place - Mr. Guatemala", he assumed the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger, making me Danny DeVito. The key word here is "attempt to mimic others with goofy costumes".

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Children's Program...

This fall we have launched a new children's program. With the help of resources provided by Roberts United Methodist, Seveirville, TN., we were able to invest in a bilingual children's education. Our children's ministry is a the Raindows and Rangers Program. It includes lessons from the Bible in an everyday environments and Bible memorization. While we are just beginning with this program, it is showing itself with great promise.

Under the direction of Tonja Johnson, children are being bussed in from the neighboring communities. We are seeing growth. not so much in numbers at this point but more in the structure and involvement of volunteers and the interest of the children in the church.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Staff Changes...

Since the end of July we have been having several change-ups in the staffing for IDC. Some was expected some not so. Change is difficult but we can see the hand of God moving in the IDC. Almost every position has been filled. But now we say goodbye to several of the individuals that have been a part of this during its early development.

John Nichols, a key volunteer teaching in the English Classes died from a heart attack.

Katie McGinniss, Our Worship Leader - completed her two year commitment as a short term missionary.

Heather Warner-Dubin, our Children's Ministry Director, has returned to Florida.

Keren Monzón, Our Café Manager - is pursuing International Business at the Galileo University extension in Ciudad Vieja near Antigua.

Levi Davis, our Mission Team Coordinator - resigned this month. He and his wife Jackie will be continuing their construction ministry in Guatemala.