Thursday, December 27, 2007

Caminos Café Products...

One of the many highlights for teams coming to Antigua is the ability to return back home with Antiguan Coffee. A local farm has been very good to us and is allowing us to package their coffee under a private label. This is great for fundraising or just keeping yourself awake at nights. As well we have updated our T-Shirts. Grey with Black print - White with Brown print.

So no longer do you have to wait to come here to get a good cup of coffee and something to wear. We are able to ship the coffee and shirts via DHL. This is included with the price. Yes, the price is less if you come to here to Antigua. But, if you get yourself here, I figure it is only appropriate that we discount the products since you covered the plane ticket.

Download the order form and print/fax or just email it directly to us.

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