Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Homeboy went home...

I had a unique opportunity to be back in Largo for 96 hours this past week. While Pathways is transitioning into their new location, I was priviledged to be asked to connect a few dots in the network. Some obvious highlights for me was the chance to reconnect with the crew there. This ministry would not happen without their backup and support.

As well I was given the opportunity to help lead worship with some of my old crew when I was the Worship Leader for Pathways. John, Paul, Joe - this was a blast to be with you all again worshipping God. Thank you for letting me join you.

The time was short the friends and connections were many. And I was able to sell almost all of the coffee that I had with me.

Good Times

Saturday, February 23, 2008

We went for a visit...

This week Nancy and I had the opportunity to return to Florida. I left a on a Sunday to go to Largo and give some technical assitance to the team at Pathways Community Church. Nancy joined me later that week in Orlando as we both went to Winter Haven, Florida to spend the weekend with Calvary Baptist Church of Winter Haven for the conclusion of their missions emphasis month.

It was a good time to reconnect with those from the church that have come to Guatemala. And meet the many more that are returning this year. While we were there of course Nancy had to join in a local 5k run, along with Pastor Tim and his wife Jeanette and others from the church. She did well.

Thank you Calvary Baptist for the support we'll see on one of your four trips to GUA this year.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bill Tour...

The Bill Tour... These trips are dubbed as such with all love and respect. Bill Losasso, my boss and Sr Pastor for Pathways Community Church, is one of our greatest cheerleaders and sales persons for the ministry of IDC stateside.

This month he was able to bring a group of men that represented diverse interest for potential involvement with IDC. Representatives from the Florida Baptist Convention Missions Board and other church leadership and business minds came for a whirlwind tour of the ministries that we are involved with and/or would like to be involved with. As the photos display - they came and saw a snapshot of life in Antigua and the surrounding area.

The reason for mentioning this visit is to inspire others to come see the possiblilities. We often find that people don't take action to help here only because they didn't know there was a need to be filled. You are invited to come and see what God is doing here in the Panchoy Valley. Come - Go beyond yourself and see what God can do through you as you effect change in lives that you do not know.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A New Ministry...for us.

Last spring Nancy and myself were able to attend a seminar in Guatemala City for the Celebrate Recovery Ministry. We were familiar with this recovery ministry begun in Saddleback Church with John Baker and Rick Warren. As well, a group was in our home church back in Largo. At the time is was good information, we had a day or two away from Antigua, but we weren't sure what to do with it.

This past summer a gentleman began coming to the church that began to spark my interest in connecting the two dots - he and the ministry. Long story short, Giovanne was ecstatic to be a part of this ministry leadership. His history is that of a recovering former alchoholic, drug user, sex addict. He has been clean from all three for three years running. The growth in his life is evident.

Last night we (IDC) had our first Celebrate Recovery Meeting or rather our first "Celebremos La Recuperacion". 14 were present - 7 of which that have no prior connection to the church. Starting with greetings and worship then moving onto sharing and study, it was a remarkable evening.