Friday, March 21, 2008

Politur is holding strong...

This year to date has been fun with the Tourist Police. It is incredible what consistency and love can generate. These men have become Antonio's and my friends. While there is a clear line of distinction of those that come to the studies on a regular basis and those that don't, they all come at one point in time or another.

On good Friday during Semana Santa (Holy Week), the entire unit was called in for the protection of the tourist. (If you recall during Semana Santa nearly 1,ooo,ooo people hit the streets of Antigua). Siezing the opportunity of a command audience Antonio and I as the representatives of IDC threw them a pizza party.

What we have been discovering is that these simple actions, providing for their physical need - albeit it was pizza, but this is something they don't normally get to have. As well saying thankyou for their work, simple gestures of friendship. Hardly a week goes by that we don't have the Police coming to the cafe for coffee and/or a chat. Often it is to ask for prayer. Another officer this past month made a profession of faith to follow Jesus.

Now that's worth getting up for in the morning...

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