Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Big Project...

This summer we are embarking on an ambitious project. This is the beginning. What is even more amazing is the local involvement we are receiving from the community.

In working with the Tourist Police we are always seeking for ways to nurture them both spiritually and physically. The facility that houses this group of men and women is based in 70 year old buildings that share the history of a hotel and hospital through the years.

The police station as we see it now was never built with intention to serve its present use. The men and woman are housed in extremely delapadated facilities that lea when it rains. The shower and bathhouse presently make your worst childhood camp bathhouse experience look like a dream.

We have several weeks of work planned for a new bathhouse that is sponsored by 3 churches planning to do the work. As well the Committee of Antigua has taken notice and is helping to make this project happen. Check back to see its progress.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

And there is more...

The Children's Ministry for the IDC is doing well. We are finding that our space for children's ministry is being stretched.
What a great problem...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Cast System...

The progress with the broken ankle is underway. The staples have been removed and now I have a cast for the next 5 weeks or so. Not much to add but your prayers are always welcome.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Power of Prayer...

18 months ago I was standing just outside of station headquarters for the Tourist Police. Through a translator I heard the words that I was given the spiritual responsibilites for this group of men - the Tourist Police of Antigua. We (Antonio & I) have had an amazing time working with this group. With many lows and many highs, we have seen our share of successes and disappointments.

The power of prayer showed itself this past week. Because of my accident I was unable to be with the men - so they came to me. We spent an evening of laughter and companionship. We being myself, Nancy, Amber, my friend Jan from the states, and the 26 men on duty that week.

When the night ran it's course and began to wind down I asked the men if I could pray for them. They then told me - "No, we came here to pray for you."

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

La Posada Doña Luisa...

Last December while making preparations for this years team traffic, I made a passing comment to the owner of a local hotel that we have used in the past and hoped to used during this next year. It was something to the effect of "I am looking for a hotel to have as a mission house. Maybe one day you can just sell me yours?"

Fact is often stranger than fiction. While the return offer was not in the realm of selling the hotel it was in fact made to us to lease the hotel (facilities, beds, supllies and staff included).

Hence as of May 1st we are operating our own hotel. 8 rooms with a total capacity of 32 people (21 in the standard bed configuration) - covered meeting and eating space - kitchen and staff - and quite the view.

So now, there really is no excuses. Some folks just didn't want to visit because they were afraid of having to sleep at Mike and Nancy's house. But we have an alternate location. See ya' soon.

The 5 day check-up...

Be Warned! These images are graphic.
Parental caution is adviced.


So after the intital sting of having the ankle seriously injured, it came time to get the bandage changed and see the first five days of progress. This became a family affair. It is very common for the entire family to come to the hospital. So the Watkins showed up in similar fashion. Nancy driving, Amber translating, Matt being the safety net should I fall. So here we are Nancy and myself, with Matt and Amber, in a commanding presence for the ER room, along side the hospital staff, all of whom Nancy dwarfed.

The final result...

So far so good. No sign of infection. The staples are to be removed in about a week. The swelling at this point is normal.