Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Big Project...

This summer we are embarking on an ambitious project. This is the beginning. What is even more amazing is the local involvement we are receiving from the community.

In working with the Tourist Police we are always seeking for ways to nurture them both spiritually and physically. The facility that houses this group of men and women is based in 70 year old buildings that share the history of a hotel and hospital through the years.

The police station as we see it now was never built with intention to serve its present use. The men and woman are housed in extremely delapadated facilities that lea when it rains. The shower and bathhouse presently make your worst childhood camp bathhouse experience look like a dream.

We have several weeks of work planned for a new bathhouse that is sponsored by 3 churches planning to do the work. As well the Committee of Antigua has taken notice and is helping to make this project happen. Check back to see its progress.

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