Thursday, May 1, 2008

La Posada Doña Luisa...

Last December while making preparations for this years team traffic, I made a passing comment to the owner of a local hotel that we have used in the past and hoped to used during this next year. It was something to the effect of "I am looking for a hotel to have as a mission house. Maybe one day you can just sell me yours?"

Fact is often stranger than fiction. While the return offer was not in the realm of selling the hotel it was in fact made to us to lease the hotel (facilities, beds, supllies and staff included).

Hence as of May 1st we are operating our own hotel. 8 rooms with a total capacity of 32 people (21 in the standard bed configuration) - covered meeting and eating space - kitchen and staff - and quite the view.

So now, there really is no excuses. Some folks just didn't want to visit because they were afraid of having to sleep at Mike and Nancy's house. But we have an alternate location. See ya' soon.

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