Monday, May 5, 2008

The Power of Prayer...

18 months ago I was standing just outside of station headquarters for the Tourist Police. Through a translator I heard the words that I was given the spiritual responsibilites for this group of men - the Tourist Police of Antigua. We (Antonio & I) have had an amazing time working with this group. With many lows and many highs, we have seen our share of successes and disappointments.

The power of prayer showed itself this past week. Because of my accident I was unable to be with the men - so they came to me. We spent an evening of laughter and companionship. We being myself, Nancy, Amber, my friend Jan from the states, and the 26 men on duty that week.

When the night ran it's course and began to wind down I asked the men if I could pray for them. They then told me - "No, we came here to pray for you."

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