Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loss of a friend...

About 7 years ago my good friend Anthony Schultz was working for Dean Guitars. He was able to assist me in getting a "sweet" hollow body electric Dean Guitar. As is life all good things must come to an end.

This weekend, I discovered the guitar looks good on the stand but doesn't do well when falling off... or knocked off for that matter. For reasons beyond my control and the person responsible will remain nameless, my friend - the guitar - was felled to the ground during the opening prayer of our Sunday services. The sound of a crackling thump followed by strings rapidly de-tuning just I said "Amen" tested my senses. That wasn't what I think it was... Was it? AARRGhhhhhh! Smile Mike - Remember your sermon on the importance of your relationship with God and not things?!?!?

There on the floor of the platform next to me was my friend beheaded.... Bummer!

This is one of those blogs that doesn't say much except to those that are musically inclined. What can I say I am shooting for a little bit of sympathy on this one. If you feel any at all to the point of assisting with a new "sweet" guitar all donations are graciously accepted. Otherwise just heed the caution - Be careful where you place your guitar on a stand in the close proximity of others.

Why don't we ever listen to good advice before we need it?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cast aside your burdens...

Here I am 8 weeks past the accident. 6 of these weeks have been with a cast. Thank God the cast is no more. The healing is doing well, now with out the cast I can work on mobility. The plan is to have the screws and nails removed in about three weeks, after July 6th. We have a baptism planned for that weekend. I need to able to get wet.

But for now, I am one step closer to recovery, even if it is with crutches for a little longer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Hope - Team Visit

This past week we were blessed to have a team from New Hope Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL. 22 in total.

Quite the gifted bunch. There team focus was split. One part of the group gave assistance to a local street ministry - The Jeremiah Project. They provide food and education to street kids in Antigua. The second group picked up week two of four for the bathhouse for the Politur. On Wednesday night the students led our church in worship and praise.

They came, they helped, they served. Thank you New Hope Baptist.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wednesdays Rock...

Once again we take time to thank God. Our Wednsday night events just amaze me in context to what God is doing with them. It does reflect one of those old sayings - If you build it they will come. In this case, - If you do it they will come.

This past week we experienced an all time high attendance for Wednesday nights. The total count was 72 persons. If we subtract the 22 team members from Cape Coral, FL that still gives us 50 people. This is the high point todate.

The team led the worship, God was glorified the night was quite the party. Yea, God!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pathways Largo - Team Visit

Once again Pathways Community Church, Largo Florida, joined us for a week 1 of a 4 week project. The "reconstruction" of bathrooms for the Politur (Tourist Police) Station. The first phase of this daunting task was completed with the plumbing and slab poured.

This week included 11 team members plus 2 that occasionaly visited. Sarah and Teresa were here in Antigua giving help to the hotel and enjoying Antigua. All but two are shown in the above photo as they left the day before. These steps are ancient ruins that have nothing to do with the Politur Project.

The first two days were solid rain. Thanks to Tropical Storm Alma who chose to sit on Central America. But undaunted by the less than favorable weather the team managed to "git-er-done". Another highlight included two days of help from the Politur in use of vehicles and laying some of the block.

Thank you as always Pathways, Largo.

It should also be noted that these images were shot by team member - Trish McFarlane. Which is pretty amazing as she is in one of them. Behold the power of Photoshop.