Monday, July 21, 2008

1st Pres - Team Visit...

This week we have been blessed to receive a team from Corinth, Mississippi. They come to us from 1st Presbyterian Church. 26 team members including a medical team w/ medicines, a dental team w/ supplies, an army of volunteers for children's ministry, and a construction team. This team came prepared. Obvious time spent in advance getting ready the arts and crafts for the children's outreach and the aquisition of medical supplies. Their focus was in several areas.

1 - Working with Arms of Jesus in home construction.

2 - Facilitating a free Medical Clinic for the city of Pastores.

3 - In connection with the clinic this team facilitated 4 days of children's outreach.

As for the clinic over 1,000 people were given medical and dental care. This was the first event of this type for Pastores. Feedback from Mayor Lopez was that the community of 14,000 people were very appreciative for this teams sacrificial efforts and support. This also included the assitance of more than 20 of the Mayor's staff. This event has set several landmarks for future clinics. Including the innovation of children's outreach, electronic tracking for patience, large scale methodology, just to name a few. Plus we were blessed with 3 professions of faith in Christ.

Thank you 1st Presbyterian of Corinth. This event would not have been a success or even possible without you. May God bless in all of your future ventures.

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