Monday, July 7, 2008

Calvary Baptist x2...

These past two weeks we have been blessed to have a double header. Calvary Baptist Church of Winter Haven sent two teams - one of high school students and a second with college students. The reports back from the two teams scored high for the various week's activities. Both groups participated in further progress for the Police Bathhouse with focus on several projects, ranging from not only construction to children's outreach.

The first week while it didn't quite go as planned. But it did provide an opportunity for quick climb up a volcano. The second week not wanting to be out done set out on their Pacaya hike the second day they arrived. This may become a regular event offered into the future.

Other perks to the weeks included police escorts to local parks; as one group described being "arrested" or rather picked up by the police on the way back from the grocery store and then returned to our hotel. The second week of students challenged the officers to a "friendly game" of fútbal (soccer). While the score was very close my officers gave quite the education as well as recieved. The Americans won this round. My boys have asked for a rematch.

Thank you CBC (Calvary Baptist Church) in da 863!

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