Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Police Bathhouse...


June 2nd we broke ground for a new bathhouse facility for the Tourist Police of Antigua. These are the guys I work with alongside of Antonia Sandoval. This project was very aggressive to say the least. These facilities are a replacement for the very old construction that was placed as a temporary showers and toilets until better facilities could be built.

Old Toilet - New Toilet - Old Shower

Now that several years have passed and the number of men and women serving in this station have
increased, this was a near desperate need. We posted the need for different team participation and three churches signed up in support of this project.

In addition to the physical and financial support of these churches. Many others gave assistance. 1st Presbyterian Church - Corinth, MS construction team gave a day for final detailing, staff members of IDC helped to bridge the gap along with several officers, Inguat the Tourist agency for Guatemala and the Committee of Antigua (this is a group of several interests ranging from the political, financial, tourism and police organizations of the greater Antigua area).

It took longer than anticipated event but as of 12:00 o'clock today, the men and woman of this station have newer and cleaner facilities to help them take care of business. With as much festivity as we could muster in a 15 minute ceremony, most of the men and women that serve in this station, the staff of IDC, representatives of Inguat, and the press all gathered to present the facilities as open for business!

God did this. Thank you God!

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