Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Suncoast Community Visit...

It is always a pleasure to bring in new groups. Suncoast Community is no exception. This group was very generous to allow us to experiment with a couple of new ventures. One of which is the Colonial Infantil - Malnutrition Center. An organization that you will probably be hearing much more about in the future.

There week also included a street outreach in Santa Maria de Jesus, feeding the homeless in a local shelter and a clothes distribution in a remote village, that is part of Pastores, and a few impromtu projects around the church.

I know it looks like Amber was a part of this group. Actually she went to high school with several of them. The team was led by John and Cheryl Watson good friends from several years back. In many ways it was old home week with friends and family.

Great job team.

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