Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Las Bendiciones de Dios...

Coming up in October Antonio and I have been working with the Disetur (The Tourist Police). This past Thursday I recieved a phone call from the station chief, Oficial Castillo. He asked me to come by and pray for what I understood to be "new patrolmen".

Well, this is a fine example of my inadaquacies in Spanish. What he asked for was for me to pray for "new patrol cars". That in and of itself is only moderately signifigant. For me what he shared next gives evidence of that God is doing incredible things here in Antigua.

"Pastor Mike, it is important that you come and pray for these vehicles. These are a blessing that he has provided. We see the change in our lives over the past two years in this station. We don't want to take his blessings for granted." - Of course that it a loose translation, but you get the point.

In the past 6 months this station has been awarded 16 new motorcycles and 3 patrol cruisers.

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