Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life of IDC...

In February of 2007 we began a mid-week Bible Study on Wednesday Nights. This began with approximately 25 people. Here we are a year plus, almost two years later. This past two months we have seen a growth spike. Our weekly attendance for this event is typically 60-70 persons. While we have a few visitors, the vast majority is from the local community - meaning people that live in the valley full time or at least for an extended stay period. Before we would see spike to this attendance level occasionally when mission teams were visiting. These numbers reflect no team traffic.

The Worship Ministry has grown to the point that we needed more opportunities for the total number of people that we have. Hence expansion to the Wednesday Night - "Food for the Body and Soul" Meetings.

Even more exciting is the growth in the children's ministry on Wednesday. For a time we only saw staff kids. This has changed as we now have a group of typically 10-15 kids, mostly Latin. This is more than babysitting. An entire focus for children has been developed for Wednesday Nights. Including additional teachers. Seen here are Howie and Nan Atherton working their magic with the children.

God is good.

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