Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ridge Association Visit...

This week we ran an interesting first time event that returned great rewards. Most of our teams represent single organizations however this week we hosted a team that brought five different churches together.

There focus included children's ministry outreaches, work with the Malnutrition Center and home construction. With the help of this team we have broken new ground in two new avenues of outreach. These include ongoing children's events in the greater community of Pastores as well as home construction working alongside the social services of Pastores. While the construction was anticpated to exceed the time available, this team completed the home in record time. And now a single mom has a roof over her head for herself and her children.

Other activities included tours of the Ruins Tecpan Ixmche and Volcano Pacaya with it's fresh lava.

Great job - Ridge Association!

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