Monday, December 1, 2008

Pathways G17 Visit...

Once again we were blessed with a team. This group was the youth team from Pathways-Largo at least officially. But several team members came from Bradenton, FL as well.
Their focus was in several areas. They helped with construction or should I say de-construction in part of the warehouse of Bethel Ministries. A group that provides wheelchair assitance throughout GUA. Children's outreaches working in different pueblos of Pastores and also Jocotenango. Depending on the day it was a soccer emphasis with a Bible story or just the reverse. As well, this team spent time in the Malnutricion Center of San Juan.

This group had other highlights from a climb up Volcan Pacaya, surfing down volcanic sand, street time in Antigua, and seeing Alex Hobbs (a team member) get arrested and taken to the police station, as part of being "punked" for his birthday.

Another amazing week of the gospel being shared. Great Job - G17!

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