Thursday, January 29, 2009

Miami Roadtrip...

This month Nancy and I combined a needed day or two of rest with some church visitation and an opportunity for Nancy to surpass me yet again. She ran the ING Marathon. She did well.

In addition to our time with friends living in the area, a pleasant surprise for us was that Matt, Amber and our friends Jan and Pam Broucinek and their son Ben from Largo, came and joined us for a night in Miami. A great time was had by all.

One of the more odd things to see in South Beach Miami was the lady with a pink bike enjoying the sun with her Iguana.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Police Ministry w/ a twist...

For the past two years or so we have had the priviledge of working with the Tourist Police. One of my prayers had been to expand this ministry to the other division serving in Antigua. By the grace of God the opportunity has opened.

We are altering our normal schedule to accomodate not only the Tourist Police but also the Civil Police and the Quadrant Security for Antigua. We are rotating our meeting places between the Tourist Station, Station 74, and the IDC. Between these two station we now have the responsibility for approximately 250 men and women.

God had brought an additional man into the picture to help with this ministry. His name is Raul and he is a Guatemalan Pastor that had become apart of the IDC. As well Pastor Raul will be taking the primary role for an additional Police station in the valley.

God not only answered the request but also provided the manpower to include the expansion.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday New Year...

We are still celebrating the newness of our new home. God has continued to bless the IDC. Our midweek Bible Study and potluck dinner is as big a success as ever. Now with more space, we have the blessing of more people. With as many as 100 on a Wednesday during the first month of this year. By the grace of God, we continue to grow.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Move...

We are in a new home! Yea God! First Service was January 4th - with an attendance of 150. We were pleasantly full. One of the children came out of their new classroom space and ask the question - Do we have to move again?

God has provided substantial space and also the people to fill it. Relative to our previous building we have 1300 sq feet more area. As well the space is more usable. We are looking to cover the grass areas with some sort of covering as that will be our new sanctuary. But until then, we celebrate what God is doing and what he is allowing us to be a part of.