Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Police Ministry w/ a twist...

For the past two years or so we have had the priviledge of working with the Tourist Police. One of my prayers had been to expand this ministry to the other division serving in Antigua. By the grace of God the opportunity has opened.

We are altering our normal schedule to accomodate not only the Tourist Police but also the Civil Police and the Quadrant Security for Antigua. We are rotating our meeting places between the Tourist Station, Station 74, and the IDC. Between these two station we now have the responsibility for approximately 250 men and women.

God had brought an additional man into the picture to help with this ministry. His name is Raul and he is a Guatemalan Pastor that had become apart of the IDC. As well Pastor Raul will be taking the primary role for an additional Police station in the valley.

God not only answered the request but also provided the manpower to include the expansion.

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