Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lots of Bibles...

Nominally one and a half years ago, there was a connection made between Empower Ministries from Canada and our home church of Pathways Community Church. In short, Bibles were offered to support the ministry we have to the Police here in Antigua. Then that offer grew to include all of the members of the National Police for Guatemala. All 15,000 of them. Through a series of phonecalls and emails from Canada to Largo, FL to Antigua to Europe the design and version was determined.

Last Monday - Feburary the 23rd - the total of just short of 25,000 Bibles arrived at the Central Station for the National Civilian Police of Guatemala (NPC). The first 15,000 are custom covered specifically as Police Bibles. The additional 10,000 are intended for general public.

The plan for distribution is this. "Valor and Service" the division of the NPC that I answer to as the Chaplain for the Tourist Police of Antigua plans to visit every police station in Guatemala during the next 4 months. In addition to offering a Bible to every Police officer in Guatemala, they will then be going to the prisons of Guatemala to share the Bibles with officers that have been incarcarated and any of their friends that have interest.

This is an amazing gift to this country made to happen with the involvement of Ron and his team from Canada, Frank and his team in Europe, John, Phil and Bill in Largo, and Ana in Antigua and the Orchestration of God. Yea God!

As more news comes from the distributions be sure that I will share.

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