Friday, April 24, 2009

The Hand of God - Part 1

The work with the Tourist Police has offered several unique experiences for my life in Antigua. But this distribution project is by far the most incredible event that I have seen in my time here while working with the police - to date. If you are coming into this blog series a little late here are two links to help with the backstory.

This past week I went to visit my boss for the Ministry of Valor and Service in the National Police, Norma Hasbún.

She was the "queen bee" that appointed me as the Chaplain forthe Tourist Police - see blog article. Shortly after I was appointed she was part of a house cleaning dismissal for most of the upper leadership for the National Police (this part of the story will take too long). The possibilities for the Bibles began on her watch and after about a year and a half she was appointed back to her position, just before the arrival of the Bibles. Her plan for the distribution nationwide is what is being implemented.

She shared with me some incredible insight as to the new government and her plans for me as the chaplain for now all of Sacetepéquez - then she showed me the progress for the distribution and photos.

To date they have completed 25% of the country. With plans for strategic distribution through the end of this calendar year. Most distributions are small 25 and under. Some have been very large as part of big events including Luis Palau (who loved the Bibles) and also President Colom of GUA. I live here and most people that hear about the distribution are dumbfounded. Yea God!

Here are some images for this project...

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