Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Changes with the PNC...

When asked what to me is the most incredible evidence of God in the ministries of IDC, I used tell them the fact that I am a chaplain for the Tourist Police of Antigua. However this past week that all has changed. God is moving.

For the past year and a half, I have been praying that God would open the doors beyond only the Tourist Police of GUA. Antonio and I were never able to get into the central office of Station 74 - the central offices of the Department of Sacatepéquez. During this past week we recieved notice that the Station Commander for the Tourist Police for the last couple of years Oficial Javier Castillo was being transfered to the city and that a new station commander for the Tourist Police was coming in. Oh and by the way Castillo is leaving tommorrow. It appeared that we were in for major changes that would impact this ministry in ways we didn't know.

Here is the fallout. While picking up Bibles from the Offices of Valor and Service, I was handed a letter - informing me of my new appointment under Valor and Service as the Chaplain for the Department of Sacatepéquez. Castillos replacent is a higher ranking officer that loves what we are doing in his new station - his name is Oficial Nelson Lopez. By invitation of Comisario Uluan (the #1 man in Station 74), we are opening new studies that his men are directed to be at. This has opened opportunities to include more people and pastors.

This new appointment has brought other invites from other divisions and Police Academies to begin new study locations teaching Biblical values to the National Police of Guatemala.
Yea God!

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