Friday, May 1, 2009

FBCH Team Visits...

We have been blessed to have a ministry partner in the Florida Baptist Children's Home. As an organization they are focused on the well being of children. Their International Childcare focus is no different. Since last August when we first met Jerry Hagg, the president of FBCH and his wife Christen, FBCH has had 2 scouting visits and two full teams. They have been very intentional to partner with us with a focus for children's ministry. The most evident is their work at the Malnutrition Center in San Juan, SacatepƩquez.

With their direct help, massive changes in upgrades and renovations to the facilities have happened. Much needed help has been given to assist the staff in spending time with the children. With the leadership of their VP of International Childcare - Ron Gunter, you see the passion, and heart for children.

Working with a few of our local team members, the FBCH teams have been getting it done. The progress during their two weeks of teams is visible. The center has water pressure, updated filtration for the kitchen water, hot water for the bathrooms, new gutters and soffets for the exterior of the building and a fresh coat of paint for a significant portion of the interior. There is much more to do, but they have made great strides in the total sum of the projects.

I speak first hand for their work here in Guatemala. It is wonderful. They post a blog for their mission team participation - you can read more here!

We anticipate an additional 5-6 more weeks with them during this calendar year - con gusto! Thank you FBCH for your help and work with children here in Guatemala.

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